Main performance and efficiency:
*REAR TURBO Zet improves the wheel power
at the rpm of the engine under common use conditions. 
When using the REAR TURBO Zet, 
which is the SERVO Charger; the response power improves 
up to 20% at 700-4,500 rpm of engine.
 REAR TURBO Zet is Cutoff Fire TURBO Zet in part of electronic 
SERVO Charger.
REAR TURBO Zet made by D.S.C (DUCK SUNG Co.,Ltd).
It reads engine rpm, exhaust air pressure,
 It reagine rpm, ds enexhaust air pressure,
temperature and alternator impulse.Therefore it analyzes all of the 
data and directs the servomotor to rotate.
Fuel saving and reduces emissions:
* To improve emissions and save fuel, 
 REAR TURBO Zet go down to resistance exhaust to the engine
 at every specific instance rpm for optimum combustion efficiency.
Its servomotor is operated form low rpm to high rpm according to 
the engine condition
 This rapidly lowers the rpm and also reduces fuel flow.  
Thus maximizing fuel savings and emission reduction when  
     ** Performance Effect of REAR TURBO Zet **
1). Maximizes Engine Response.
2). Get more Drag Power (Maximizes WHEEL POWER).
3). Flexibility Power Driving.
4). Dynamic Power Driving.
5). Reduces resistance from the Exhaust.
6). Fuel Savings.
7). Reduces Engine Noise.
8). Maximizes Engine Life.
** Installation Position **
End of the original muffler Cut.
 If you have SERVO Charger (REAR TURBO Zet and TWIN TURBO Zet) 
in your private car, it has as more Drag Power (Maximizes WHEEL POWER) as
the hard Tuning for your engine.
REAR TURBO Zet will maximize engine efficiency.
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Minimum Order: 100 Sets


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