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For performance and Efficiency of the TURBO Zet.

The TURBO Zet has two main settings i.e.

A) Engine Response Power & Lower Emissions
The above configurations are relating to the adjustment of the accelerator / throttle return spring tension, when a car is accelerated.
The combustion has to occur correctly and instantly in order to increase the rpm of the engine. The return spring of the accelerator has a very important operation in engine response.
If the return spring is heavy as soon as you release the accelerator by suddenly shutting the throttle and slowing the air flow to engine.
This makes the combustion process slower for few seconds thus creating less power and drag; especially at low vehicle speeds for rapid acceleration and deceleration the soft tension of the return spring and the measured air is vital for engine response.

For increase engine response and power, the throttle return spring should be on softer / slower setting to allow additional air in to the engine provided by the TURBO Zet during the description process.
The reason for the softer / slower throttle setting is to increase the duration of the throttle return, thus maximize complete combustion.
This will create better engine response / power.

B) Fuel saving & emission reduction
To improve emission, save / fuel the throttles return spring should be left as factory settings. The reasons are by the throttle closing faster the airflow is decreased to the engine that rapid lowers the rpm which also reduces fuel flow thus maximize fuel savings and emission reduction when decelerating.

The TURBO Zet will maximize engine efficiency.

Tel. Tel. 44-(0)208- 4238080
Mr. Ravi De Alwis / President
United Kingdom

TWIN TURBO Zet improves response of the engine.
REAR TURBO Zet improves WHEEL POWER of the engine
Lean burn AFC saves fuel for the gasoline injector engine.

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Tel. 82-2-809-8378, 895-4828
Mr. K.S. Hyun / President
South Korea






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