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Products > Lean-burn AFC (Automatic Fuel Controller)




Model Number: LB-AFC

Product Name: Lean-burn AFC (Automatic Fuel Controller)

Place of Origin: Seoul, KOREA

Brand Name: Servocharger

Inner Packing Dimensions: 13*14*15 Centimeters

Outer Packing: 24 Sets/Box

Outer Packing Dimensions: 36*52*30 Centimeters

Unit Price: Negotiable

Payment Terms: T/T

Delivery Lead Time: 30 days

Supply Ability: 1,000 sets/month



1. Applications:
Engine should be gasoline injection type(Carburetor and diesel 
engines can't use the AFC)
2. Function:
This product's main function is to save fuel. It decreases the 
fuel injection pressure according to the engine power. The 
servo actuator controls a decrease in the fuel injection 
Thus, the engine can combust lean fuel, thereby decreasing 
fuel consumption.
3. Controller explanation:
1) Position: Front of driving seat
2) On/Off switch: Supplies power to the product
"On" is green lamp; "Off" is red lamp
3) Auto/Power:
Auto mode: Operates the AFC according to the engine load
Power mode: Standard
4. Installation:
A. Cut off the fuel intake hose from the fuel tank.
B. Install the T-style nipple, extra hose and servo actuator 
(start allow in the lean-burn AFC).
C. Cut off the fuel return hose from injector pipeline to the 
fuel tank.
D. I Install the T-style nipple, extra hose and servo actuator 
(end allow in the lean-burn AFC).
E. It has four wires (black, white, red, blue). 
Connection is as follows.
Black & white: Connect to the Lean-burn AFC actuator.
Red: Connect on IG+1, most thick wire is from key switch wire 
Blue or black: Connect to the car body earth point.
Please take a look at our website for more information.
Minimum Order: 50 Sets






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