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Products > Twin TURBO Zet




Model Number: TGD, TG, TGH, TGGH

Product Name: Twin TURBO Zet

Place of Origin: Seoul, Korea

Brand Name: Servocharger Twin TURBO Zet

Inner Packing Dimensions: 13*14*15 Centimeters

Outer Packing: 24 Sets/ Box

Outer Packing Dimensions: 36*52*30 Centimeters

Unit Price: Negotiable

Payment Terms: T/T

Delivery Lead Time: 30 days

Supply Ability:  3,000 sets/month



Main performance and efficiency: 
* Twin TURBO Zet improves the engine response power at the 
rpm of the engine under common use conditions. When using 
the Twin TURBO Zet, which is the Servo Charger; the response 
power improves up to 30% at 700-4,500 rpm of engine.
*Engine response power and emission lowering
The above configurations are related to the adjustment of 
the accelerator/throttle return spring tension when a car 
is accelerated. 
The combustion has to occur correctly and instantaneously 
in order to increase the rpm of the engine. The return 
spring of the accelerator is very important in determining
engine response. If the return spring is heavy, when the 
accelerator is released the throttle suddenly shuts and 
slows air flow to engine.
This makes the combustion process slower for a few seconds 
thus creating less power and drag. This especially occurs 
at low vehicle speeds.
For rapid acceleration and deceleration the soft tension 
of the return spring and the measured air is vital for 
engine response.
To increase engine power and response, the throttle return 
spring should be on a softer/slower setting to allow 
additional air into the engine provided by the TURBO Zet
during the described process. 
The reason for the softer/slower throttle setting is to 
increase the duration of the throttle return, thus 
maximizing complete combustion. 
This will create better engine response/power 
To improve performance after installing the TURBO Zet, you 
must adjust two position return springs at throat valve or 
accelerator (recommend prior engine tuning).
Please take a look at our website for more information.
Minimum Order: 100 Sets






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