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   Specification of REAR TURBO Zet

DUCK SUNG R&D                         April 10, 2004

REAR TURBO Zet is REAR TURBO Zet in part of electronic SERVO Charger.

REAR TURBO Zet has Microprocessor made by D.S.C (DUCK SUNG Co., Ltd).It reads engine rpm; exhaust air pressure, temperature and alternator impulse.

Therefore it analyzes all of the data and directs the servomotor to rotate.

REAR TURBO Zet go down to resistance exhaust to the engine at every specific instance rpm for optimum combustion efficiency.

Its servomotor is operated form low rpm to high rpm according to the engine condition

If you have SERVO Charger (REAR TURBO Zet and FRONT TURBO Zet) in your private car, it has as more Drag Power and response as the hard Tuning for your engine.

So you fill new performance what Drag Power and response of the engine.


** Specification of REAR TURBO Zet **

-  Two Servo Motors: MFS (Magnetic Floating System)

-  Microprocessor: 32bit chip, C.P.U

-  Electronic PCB Drive

-  Electronic hydrodynamics Exhaust Pressure Sensor

-  Electronic hydrodynamics Exhaust Temperature Sensor

-  Bearing of the oil stratum

-  Impeller made of the stainless steal

-  Weight: 1250g / 1 unit

-  Size: 140 * 115 * 65 mm / 1 unit


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