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TPi  is  CO2 reduced.        

Also Exhaust emissions reduced.            

TYPHOON eye (TPi) registered with PCT Patent Office in all of the world.            




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   1.  TYPHOON eye

           Exhaust emissions, CO2 reduced

  • Acceleration power sells engine, response wins races.      
  • Reduced fuel consumption will be noticed when driving speed
  • and style is maintained...






  1. If air coming through an engine rotate rapidly and forms a swirl,
  2. No matter what types of engines, gasoline, LPG or diesel engine,
  3. Fuel efficiency will be improved
  4. Exhaust emissions, CO2 reduced
  5. Fuel and air will be well-mixed
  6. Eexplosive power will be increased
  7. Combustion will be complete as most drivers know.




      3.  CW (CLOCKWISE)  VS   CCW







   - Use 2units TPi / PER VEHICLE, 


   - Use 4units TPi / PER VEHICLE,



The Eye of the TYPHOON (TPi)

 Also TPi is Exhaust emissions, CO2 reduced.

       TYPHOON eye (TPi) registered with PCT Patent Office in all of the world.


1. Introduction of the TPi




    If air coming through an engine rotate rapidly and forms a swirl, no matter what types of engines, gasoline,

LPG or Diesel engine, its fuel efficiency will be improved and exhaust emissions,

CO2 reduced as fuel and air will be well-mixed and so its explosive power will be increased

and combustion will be complete as most drivers know.

   Since, however, the existing products meet with resistance of intake air before a car runs at 3,000 rpm,

they have demerits as followings; the accelerator won't work any more; speed won't go up any more;

and the effect of swirl and of reducing noises won't last long.

Therefore people enjoying sporty driving can't be satisfied with such products. 

  The TPi is the product that has made up for such demerits of the existing swirl generators.

It doesn't have resistance of intake air at normal rpm range(700~4000rpm) and it is made with new structure

and materials so that swirl effects can reach the combustion chamber in an engine.

At the same 2,000 rpm, there's a big difference between cars with and without the TPi

  For a similar example, in case of a car with an automatic transmission, a car with sufficient engine acceleration

stopped on the flat will go forward quietly when a driver steps off the brakes, but a car with insufficient engine acceleration

never move even though a driver steps off the brakes. The car will move forward only when a driver steps on the accelerator.

If, however, the TPi is installed in such a car with insufficient engine acceleration,

it will move quietly as soon as a driver steps off the brakes.

Like that, there's a big difference between cars with and without the TPi at idle and at the same rpm.

And rpm of a running car with the TPi won't go down soon after a driver steps off the accelerator.

It's because rpm begins to go down after swirled intake air burns all the injected fuel completely.

Therefore, when a driver want to slow down his or her car with the TPi installed,

the car will keep running without additional fuel supply though the driver steps off the accelerator in advance,

and so it can save fuel.



2.Effects of the product


¡°With the TPi, more secure explosive combustion -

Experience 3 effects - improvement of engine acceleration, saving of fuel, reduction of exhaust emissions!! 
The TPi is not disposable expendable supplies, but durable stuff.

So you can enjoy 3 effects of 10~30% saving of fuel efficiency, 5~10% improvement of engine acceleration,

and reduction of exhaust emissions as long as you have a car.


1) No resistance of intake air at high rpm.


   The TPi has a very different shape and structure from the existing swirl generators.

While the existing ones have the shape of a cut tube and the plane shape of inside swirl wings,

the TPi has the smoothly curved projections on the outside of the tube called swirl tunnel rather than wings.

Inhaled air is breathed in by the great speed and volume along the whole inside of hose as RPM rises

while flows on the wall of air flow hose in low RPM.

The central area of the tube is hollow so that it will not block the flow of air at low rpm. 

And the product is designed to spin only the air coming along the outside of the tube and minimize resistance

of intake air and show the effects of a vortex.

                       (A utility model registration No.0398586, Patent application No. 0124364)




2) further-going effects of a swirl.

   When the air hose is installed, the swirl wings of the TPi-swirl generating tunnel rather than wings-is formed

by adhering the inside wall of the hose to an engine.   

   A Bullet shot out of a M16 rifle travels farther than that out of a pistol. It's because a bullet shot out of the long barrel

of a rifle with more explosive power and with 6 spiral grooves makes enough revolutions has.

   Likewise, the TPi is designed that the flow of air will go through the vortex tunnel and swirl

to go far to the combustion chamber.



3) The TPi has two types; CW(Clockwise) and CCW(Counter-Clockwise) type.

   According to the engine structure, some cars have the clockwise flow of air, others counterclockwise.

If a different type is installed in a car, it will bring about contrary effects.


4) Easy installation of the TPi.

  The TPi is formed of engineering plastics (carbon glass fiber) that exhibit superior mechanical

and thermal properties, rigidity and elasticity, so there's little danger to be hurt in the process of installing it.

After installation, the swirl wings on the outside are stuck fast to the inside walls of the air hose, not sucked into the inside.

Also it is designed to use by cutting proper sizes with a jigsaw for cars with a small diameter of an air hose(vertical cut)

and with a sharp curve(horizontal cut in half).

To make it fit to a hose with small diameter, cut it vertically, and then after heating the inner and outer surface with a torch,

grab and press it with the hand wearing working gloves.

By doing so, the TPi can be used for hoses with a small diameter.

* Install the product after cutting it with a jigsaw and then getting the cut area sanded with a sandpaper or a file.

* Since the product may be broken if it is press by force when the temperature is below zero, heat the inside and outside

of the product with a torch or a lighter to make it  soft and then install it.



<¡İEasy way to process the TPi>

   Since the TPi is made of engineering plastics, it's somewhat tough to process it.

Though it's somewhat troublesome, put it in hot water and pull it up in around 5 minutes.

Cut the softened product with snips vertically or horizontally within 30 seconds after pulling it up from boiling water to reduce its size

as you want to use and fix it with pliers and the like and wait around for 5 minutes until it gets cold.



* Since the TPi is made of black carbon glass fiber and installed in a dirty air hose where engine oil

and hot gas of incomplete combustion overflows through the blow-by hose and carbon comes

through the throttle (manifolder), customers may be disappointed at the exterior of the product.

A swirl generator, however, is a functional product not an product to improve the exterior.

Remember that it is not seen when you open the engine room.



3 The results of performance tests


   Performance tests on the TPi-a reliable swirl generator made by TurboZet were carried out

at a automobile-inspecting company from 7 November to 11 November, 2005.

The product was installed in cars failed in exhaust emissions tests and in diesel engine acceleration tests,

observed and experimented. The results of the tests were improvement of engine acceleration

(improvement of wheel horsepower from 36hp to 41hp) and the effect of reducing exhaust emissions (more than 50%),

and on our own test with a car(Marcia with 2.0 DOHC automatic transmission, manufactured in 1995) covered in a downtown

at below 70km/h and on highway at 100km/h, both the tests showed improvement of fuel efficiency by 30%.

(Performance were installed 4units of 4 wings TPi for tests of engine acceleration

and Fuel-saving were installed 2units of 7~10 wings TPi and 2units of 4 wings TPi for tests of fuel efficiency)

*****How to drive the TPi to save more fuel


   1) Step on and off the accelerator slowly and don't step on the brakes if possible.

   2) Make the most of Fuel-Cut-Off Driving when you step off the accelerator.

   3) A few minutes after stepping on the accelerator, air masses between the TPi

and the combustion chamber rotate rapidly around a center and form a swirl.

While driving, you can feel it through the accelerator.


It is the key of saving fuel to make the axis of the vortex last long.


   *When you purchase the TPi, please give us the written details about your vehicle type,

fuel(gasoline, LPG, diesel), the manufactured year, displacement volume,

engine types(SOHC, DOHC, Turbo and etc.),

tuning conditions of the intake manifold and so on except quantity that you want to purchase,

and let us know which you lay stress on, engine acceleration or fuel efficiency. 


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